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Self Care – Tending Your Own Garden

Mar 11, 2019StressBy Jessie Stephens, NTPAre we all tired of the phrase “self care”? Do you roll your eyes (ever so slightly) when you hear these two words? I do! And I talk about this concept A LOT. It comes up with my clients.It comes up with my friends.It comes up...

Fuel-Up Frittata Recipe

Feb 18, 2019Blood Sugar | RecipeBy Jessie Stephens, NTPOne of the questions I get asked most often when I am working with a client to transition to a whole food nutrient-dense diet is “What should I eat for breakfast?”. I love this question because it opens a great...

Six Things To Do Before You Detox

In our pursuit of health, the topic of detoxification can often come up. While it can be true that feeling sluggish may mean that your body would benefit from a detoxification, it is also true that this could do more damage if done at the wrong time. It is very important to address your digestion and elimination pathway before a detox and make sure that things are running smoothly.

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