Spiritual Direction

Walking with you as you look for the movement of God in your life.

Nutritional Therapy

Teaching you to use food as a foundation to heal your body from the inside out.


Individual, group, and corporate classes. Personalized yoga therapy.

Cultivating health in body and spirit.

"My blessing is on those people who trust in me, who put their confidence in me. They will be like a tree planted near a stream who roots spread out toward the water. It has nothing to fear when heat comes. Its leaves are always green. It has no need to be concerned in a year of drought. It does not stop bearing fruit."

Jeremiah 17:7-8

Spiritual Direction

Imagine a safe space for you to process life and your relationship with God, in honesty and curiosity. A space to be deeply heard. And imagine if this space held grace, kindness, compassion and a companionship that gently walks with you as you learn to bring your whole self to the loving heart of God. This is spiritual direction.

Nutritional Therapy

Food is medicine! I help you identify your nutritional deficiencies and areas of dysfunction, and then develop a personalized therapeutic lifestyle approach to support you on your path to health. If you have SIBO, auto-immune conditions or toxic mold illness (CIRS) then I'm your girl!

Yoga Classes

Yes, YOU can do yoga! I specialize in gentle, accessible classes for all levels with a particular focus on grace for the body you have. As a certified yoga therapist, I also have the knowledge and wisdom to address your particular physical concerns in individual yoga sessions that are tailored to your healing.

Client Testimonials
  • Jess personalizes each session with an intuitive sense of what you need at that moment and attention to the voice of the Holy Spirit. She allows God to do the speaking as she participates as a witness to his faithfulness.

  • Jess is my first spiritual director. Her calm and authentic spirit is a gift that is helping me to be more open and aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence in my life. I appreciate her ability to actively listen and suggest spiritual experiences that have helped me grow in my faith journey

  • All I have to say is after ONE Nutritional Therapy Consultation, Jessica Stephens was able to lock in 3, just 3, key supplements to get my gut started on the healing process. The results and relief were amazing! We know it's going to take a little while (and more follow through on my part lol) but I truly couldn't believe the accuracy of the testing.

Hey friends! I'm Jess.

Jessica Stephens

  • Spiritual Director
  • Funtional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
  • Yoga Instructor and Therapist

Something happened to me in mid-life... not a crisis, but more of an emerging.

I found myself wanting more from life, more from my relationship with God and how I was experiencing Him. My spirit was depleted, my body was crumbling, and it was time for a change.

As a life-long learner, I dug into what I like to call "my middle age certifications." Starting with Holy Yoga, then Nutrition, and finally Spiritual Direction, I gathered the tools to lean into a healthier expression of life and a more vibrant faith, all rooted in Jesus.

It is my joy and privilege to partner with people who find themselves wanting more - more of God, more from life, more rest, more vibrancy, more health. Just more.

My mission

Cultivating health in body and spirit.

Where to find me

Ridgfield, WA

Get in touch

  • jessie@treeandleafwellness.com
  • (360) 839-1161

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