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The Poop On Your Poop

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Why talk about poop on a podcast about Christian wellness?

  • if you aren't pooping regularly and with ease, you are not well, your body is not working according to original design
  • In holistic medicine, digestion is widely considered to be at the core of your health.
    • you are not just what you eat but what you digest (nutrient absorption)
    • proper elimination is one of your body's natural systems of detox
    • allergies and auto-immune issues arise from digestive dysfunction

What is "healthy" poop?

  • frequency - minimum of once a day. some people say up to 3 times a day, food in-waste out schedule
  • transit time - ideal is between 12-24. body needs time to absorb nutrients
    • polka dot poo test - 2 tbs hulled sesame seeds, see how long they take to re-appear
  • Bristol stool chart 3-4
    • you actually have to look at your poop
    • firm and sausage shaped is ideal, anything else can indicate something isn't working right
  • a word about floaters
    • commonly thought this meant undigested fats in stool
    • other benign causes such as excess gas


  • Constipation - not often enough
    • common contributing factors
      • not drinking enough water
      • shallow breathing (diaphragm massages transverse colon)
      • chronic stress reduces gut motility
      • lack of movement
      • lack of fiber (2 kiwi, ground flax seed, chia seeds)
      • bacteria imbalance - don't just throw a probiotic at it! SIBO needs careful treatment
  • Diarrhea - too often
    • common contributing factors
      • food allergies and sensitivities
      • stress
      • too much magnesium
      • toxins (pathogens or otherwise)
      • bacteria imbalance (again SIBO)
      • gallbladder issues
      • excessive strenuous exercise
  • Gas
    • common contributing factors
      • eating too fast, taking in extra air
      • food allergies and sensitivities
      • bacteria - stomach not digesting food properly, fermenting in gut, bacteria growing and being really active
      • carbonated beverages

What do do about your poo

  • learn to breathe from your belly
  • eat in a relaxed state (parasympathetic, allows body to digest)
  • slow down and chew your food
  • stay hydrated
  • cooked veggies vs raw for digestion
  • digestive bitters for constipation and gas
  • magnesium oxide for constipation
  • eliminate processed food
  • food sensitivity testing
  • reduce stress
  • castor oil packs
  • enemas!
  • work with me! I can help pin-point the dysfunction and walk with you to get things working right

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