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Recap how I got started with Yoga

  • address chronic back pain at the recommendation of my chiro
  • Tri-Zone Movement Therapy - early 2014
  • Holy Yoga Instructor - March 2014
  • Yoga Therapist - June 2015
  • not certified but also taught Foundation Training (posterior chain strengthening)

The Yoga Can of Worms

  • Christians and Yoga - I am not here to convince you that it is ok
  • A few facts (read Holy Yoga by Brooke Boon)
    • I am not worshipping Hindu gods. Yoga came before the Hindu religion by about 1000 years, it did not originate with the Hindu religion. They adopted it as a spiritual practice.
    • The human body belongs to God, not any one religion. Other religions have incorporated the body in the worship of their deity. In Holy Yoga, we are directing our bodies in the worship of Jesus.
    • I am not inviting demons into my body by positioning my parts into a shape with a yoga name (asana). My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and I am literally entering into that place of worship. (little story of lady leaving my class when we started in child's pose for prayer)
    • Traditional Yoga teaches one to empty your mind,  Holy Yoga teaches to empty your mind of everything but Jesus so you are free to connect with Him.
  • Do you disagree? I'm ok with that. Holy Yoga has been both permissible and beneficial for me. Maybe God has not released this freedom to you.

What is Holy Yoga

  • 100% and 100% Jesus
  • Yoga, means "unity" or " to join".
    • physical postures, breathing and meditation
    • postures - The body is our vehicle for navigating life. Yoga helps to stretch & strengthen muscles, increase range of motion, place beneficial pressure on organs to stimulate function.
    • breathing - God designed truth that breath is of him, brings life. Stimulates vagus nerve, calms nervous system, transports much needed oxygen.
    • unity with God through physically agreeing with how he created us.
    • meditation - what really sets Holy Yoga apart from traditional yoga, taking opportunity to release the world and enter into conversation with God. Scripture, speaking prayer, listening prayer, contemplating his movement in your life.
  • What type of yoga is Holy Yoga
    • hatha - stretching postures with breath and mindfulness
    • specifically bakhti yoga, devotional yoga. we seek to use the practice to deepen our devotion to Jesus

Why Yoga is a Part of Holistic Christianity

  • my personal position
  • acknowledging the body was created to move. Movement is a part of healthy humaning. there are other ways of moving
  • yoga specifically because there is opportunity for spiritual engagement
  • mindful breathing encourages a healthy nervous system which benefits body and mental health

Why you Actually CAN do Yoga. Yes you.

Personalized Yoga Therapy services

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