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  • native to PNW, grew up in the country on a creek, wandering hills and forests
  • my parents are former hippies who found Jesus and so I grew up in church
  • healthy food and active, outdoor life were part of our family culture
  • rejected all faith as a teen (strong willed ha ha) and God allowed to wander as a prodigal
  • went to UW as a pre-med major, switched to nursing because of work load and partying
  • prodigal returns, moved back home and re-met Corby
  • bible college, married, kids
  • ministry, homeschooling, who do I want to be when I grow up?
  • crash and burn story, has to be something more to being a christian than this!
  • Holy Yoga certification, introduction to spiritual practices, Yoga Therapy Certification
  • sick, sicker, sickest: hypothyroid, food allergies, hashimoto's, anemia, celiac, heavy metal toxicity, intestinal parasites, SIBO, possible lupus and CIRS
  • FNTP certification in the middle of all of that
  • life overhaul!!! had to learn to slow down, re-evaluate how to be human, what rhythm of life does God want me to live
  • SD training, learning new ways to relate to and respond to God
  • putting it all together - holistic Christianity

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