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How is Spiritual Direction different from

  • discipleship - you are not accountable to me, I am not telling you how to grow.
  • mentorship - I am not your example, Jesus is
  • counseling - while there is a lot of exploring of feelings and processing, I do not offer advice or counsel. 

How did I get into Spiritual Direction?

  • there has to be more than reading bible, praying (just the speaking part, I hadn't learned to listen yet) and serving
  • Holy Yoga introduced me to lectio divina which is a process of meditating on scripture and listening for the Holy Spirit
  • part of a group working through Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton, which offers opportunity to try out lots of different spiritual practices and reflect together
  • I'm a listener, people come to me with their stories and I'm naturally curious so I ask questions
  • back-ground in discipleship, so I am wired to want to help people grow
  • conversation with some special people, and one of them pointed out that I am Spiritual Director - what the heck is that?

What is Spiritual Direction?

  • very, very old practice, going back to the early days of the church
  • continued through many Christian traditions, most commonly seen in the catholic church
  • not "direction", nobody tells you what to do or think. think "companion"
  • soul care, working with people who want to grow in their relationship with Jesus and need help to find their way
  • it's for people who want to lean in to the fullness of life with God. Time in spiritual direction creates space for you to become aware of his presence, attend to his voice and respond to his invitation

What does it look like?

  • intro call to answer questions, see if we are a good fit
  • begin with sharing of our God stories, establish a relationship and take time to honor God's movement in our lives
  • monthly sessions of one hour
  • begin by settling into God's presence 
  • spiritual exercise (lectio divina, examen, scripture immersion, etc) to grow in our listening to God
  • time for you to process as I listen, make observations and ask questions that will help you respond to God
  • goal is to process and grow in living an honest and deeper life with God

Who can benefit from Spiritual Direction?

  • literally everyone, at any point of their walk with God
  • I have a spiritual director!

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