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  • background with food as therapy
    • Jer as a toddler, behaviors that we thought were ADD but now know were ASD (unable to focus, constant tantrums, also massive rashes and food reactions)
    • research, research, research! Feingold diet and EFAs
    • always cooked from scratch, but research led to more whole food eating in general (as opposed to SAD)
    • Jer ASD diagnosis and the GFCF diet (actually ended up testing with allergies to both
  • first naturopath we went to expanded understanding of therapeutic eating (Dr. Jacqui)
  • always just drawn toward nutrition, learning on my own about the most supportive and intentional ways of eating for health
  • development of my own health conditions, NDs recommended different dietary approaches for healing (Paleo, AIP for auto-immune, Bi-Phasic diet for SIBO)
  • interest exploded and my ND told me about the NTA program
  • What the heck is an FNTP
    • functional nutritional therapy practitioner (as opposed to NTP/NTC)
    • Functional - I am trained in a hands-on method to assess your body's functioning and possible nutritional deficiencies (lingual-neural testing)
      • palpating reflex points
      • through client feedback, identifying organs and systems with dysfunction, testing supplements against those reflex points for their beneficial effects
    • Nutritional - I'm all about nutrition, whole food, what is most beneficial way of eating to support my clients' health
    • Therapy - It is not a one and done practice. I work with people over time to make long-term changes that specifically address their health concerns.
    • Practitioner - trained and certified specifically in nutrition, I "practice" my craft
  • My specialties
    • holistic living - integrating Christian spiritual health and body health
    • specifically work with people who are suffering the effects of chronic stress and burn-out
      • auto-immune
      • chronic illnesses
    • SIBO
  • What it looks like to work with me as a NT client
    • discovery call - 10 minute chat to see if I your concerns are within my scope of practice and we are a good fit
    • initial 3 session therapy package
      • 1 - intake interview where we talk about your health history, major concerns and what your life looks like. Walk away with initial recommendations to put into place ASAP
      • 2 - nutritional assessment. 1 week after 1st session, you will have completed and returned a 3 day food and symptom journal prior to this session. I analyze this and we review my findings together. Walk away with initial nutritional and dietary recommendations.
      • 3 - functional assessment. 2 weeks after 2nd session, you will have completed an online NAQ which provides a ton of functional information for me
        • in person - review of what your body is telling me (from NAQ), hand's on assessment of dysfunction and personalized supplement recommendations
        • online - review of what your body is telling me, personalized supplement recommendations
    • Next steps - HIGHLY recommend monthly therapy sessions to track progress and make adjustments as your body is healing
  • Additional services
    • pantry clean-out
    • guided grocery shopping
    • group presentations

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