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How To Know God's Voice

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Inspired by several of my directees, friends and acquaintances.

At some point everyone has this struggle, everyone doubts what they think they are hearing, doubts that God is saying anything, can't tell if it is God or something else.

So how do we learn to hear God?

Know God

  • It's more about knowing what His voice sounds like, so we need to know him
  • like any other relationship, we recognize people the more we spend time with them
  • know the kinds of things he would say by knowing what he has said in the past (BIBLE)
  • look for evidence of his work in your life, other people and the world around you

Be known by God

  • It starts by understanding that there is nothing you can do that would cause God to love you any less or any more
  • Scary? explore why. what are you protecting? what might God want to show you about himself that would help you to trust him?
  • Shame will keep you from hearing God, you will always disagree with him


  • This is part of faith
  • Being open to his input
  • Letting go of our own agenda - BIG reason why we can't hear him


  • Ignorance of his character
  • Shame
  • Anger
  • Desires
  • Fear

Some Practical Steps

Do a brain dump and then shut up

  • How I come
  • What I need
  • Come to a place "holy indifference"- explain what this is
  • Breath prayer to focus thoughts and quiet mind
  • Meditate on a passage of scripture
    • Word or phrase that stands out?
    • How does it relate to your life?
    • What might God be revealing to you or inviting you toward?
  • Write it down
    • Does it sound like God?
      • Loving?
      • Guiding?
      • Not condemning? difference between conviction and condemnation
    • Does it line up with what He has already said in His word?
  • When in doubt, run it by a mature believer
  • Maybe don't just listen for his voice when you want answers? Maybe he just wants to tell you what is on his mind for your life!

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