Jessie Stephens


10 Little Graces


10 small things I do weekly that are like little gifts to myself - for body, soul and spirit health

Rest, lots of rest.

  • Listen to body cues - cranky, sleepy, unmotivated, sore, fatigued, spiritually cold
  • what does rest look like? different for each person! Mine is being physically still

Hydrate my body

  • 1/2 body weight in ounces of water
  • extra when I have caffeine
  • quality water, add minerals
  • start every day with quart jar of filtered water, lemon and minerals

Laugh as much as possible, mostly at myself


  • allows me to listen to my spirit, what I am really wanting
  • turn it to prayer
  • nice departure from reality

Enjoyable movement

  • I go with the flow, do what I feel like doing
  • there were times when I was very regimented, which was a gift to myself at that time. now it is kinder for me to be gentle with my body

Engage with God

  • this is listening and hang-out time
  • honest expression of where I am at
  • quiet myself to be present with him

Eat all the veggies in my fridge

  • nutrition!
  • buy a lot of veggies, variety
  • either plan a menu around them or wing it
  • usually end the week with some sort of soup or roasted veggie meal to use them all up


  • date night
  • friend time
  • not good to get stuck in our own heads, and I'm an introvert!

Practice creativity

  • T&L resources
  • play piano
  • knit
  • garden
  • what does Corby do?


  • biggest grace, show myself grace! Did I miss up, forget something, not reach a goal, eat out too much? let it go, clean the slate and move on

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